Bedtime Bliss Relaxation Oil



I created this oil out of pure desperation. I suffered from insomnia and restless sleep since I was a child, and this oil became my solution! It ushers you into a state of deep relaxation, allowing you to bring bliss and serenity into your slumber for a more restorative, healing sleep. It also creates an internal environment of surrender that invites you to receive guidance from your Higher Self and Spirit Team with no resistance.

This organic jojoba oil has been charged with a Sound Bath and contains a proprietary blend of essential oils, as well as the following crystals:

  • Amethyst opens and activates your crown chakra, provides a soothing and serene frequency, and helps to settle the mind.
  • Rose Quartz draws in love.
  • White Howlite eliminates anger, pain, and stress.
  • Moonstone promotes the relaxing energy of the Moon.
  • Gabon Sandalwood calms and stabilizes the mind, body, and Spirit.

Rub the oil directly into the bottoms of your feet and (if you can stand it,) put on a pair of cozy socks to lock it in. You can also rub a little of the oil underneath your nose and on your Crown Chakra (located at the very top of your head.)

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