Twin Flame Connection Oil



Your Twin Flame connection oil contains organic jojoba oil that has been charged with a Sound Bath, a proprietary blend of essential oils, and the following stones:

  • Clear Quartz considered a master healer, it amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it.
  • Rose Quartz a stone that nurtures and heals the heart, its energy is perfect for opening yourself up to the possibilities of powerful Love, works to attract your Twin Flame union and ensures your heart is whole and ready to accept the new relationship when it arrives.
  • Green Aventurine a great pairing with Rose Quartz, works with Heart Chakra to heal it, keeps your heart open to new connections and allows others to see your true Self. It is an essential part of the power that is a Twin Flame.,
  • Amethyst opens the Third Eye, helps to connect telepathy between Twin Flames, helps to both attract your Twin Flame to you and strengthen your relationship once you're with them.
  • Rhodochrosite works to heal past relationship trauma that may be stopping your Twin Flame from entering, brings joy and passion, ensures you have the best mindset to nurture your relationship with positivity.
  • Yellow Jasper impacts libido, boosts stamina, allows you to make Love longer.
  • Pink Tourmaline a strong stone of Love, compassion, emotional healing, and Self-Love, also helps calm anxiety.

Rub the oil directly on your Heart, Sacral, and Third Eye Chakras, as well as all of your pulse points. It can also be used as a sensual massage oil. Make your Twin Flame magnet strong and powerful by using your connection oil, daily!

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