Mentoring (Personal & for Life Coaches)

Starting at $195.00 30 minutes

Mentoring (Personal & for Life Coaches)

Starting at $195.00 30 minutes

Service availability
In-Person, Phone, Video / Virtual
All in-person sessions require the wearing of a mask until further notice. Your temperature will also be taken before we begin.

Personal mentoring - I truly believe that having a mentor can improve your life and assist you in manifesting a more pleasurable experience. They say a wise person learns from the mistakes of others, and a fool insists on making his own and learning the hard way. I was the "fool" for the majority of my life, until I got tired of having to hit my head against a brick wall before I got the lesson. Let my hard road become your easy street. I am here to assist you in figuring out the twists and turns of life, and to make your journey easier and more fulfilling.

Mentoring for life coaches - If you are a life coach or planning to become one, I am available to be your mentor coach! Mentor coaching includes some of the following: one-on-one mentor sessions, tools exclusive to my coaching practice, help with setting up your coaching practice, training, monitoring and feedback, how to attract clients and grow your coaching practice and more.

Short-term and long-term clients with a regular schedule qualify for discounted rates. Short-term and long-term mentoring is recommended rather than intermittent sessions.

  • Power - Designed to offer quick access to premier mentoring, power sessions are perfect for immediate solutions to specific problems that you’d like assistance with or quick guidance on a particular topic. One on one 30-minute mentoring is available to meet your every need.
  • Individual - One-on-one personal mentoring, the perfect investment towards your success! Individual mentoring customized to meet your needs.

I am so excited to be your mentor! Please prepare for your session in the following ways:

  • Make sure you are in a quiet, safe, and comfortable space.
  • Please be on time.
  • Your session will be recorded, but you are welcomed to bring a journal and pen with you to take notes.
  • Have any questions or issues you want to cover prepared ahead of time. For short-term and long-term clients, please have any lifework you were assigned with you and completed.
  • You are welcome to bring water, tea, etc. with you to your session.
All services are non-refundable. For issues or concerns, please contact and we will assist you.


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