Vibrate Higher Mood Boosting Spray



This spray raises your vibration to the highest frequency, empowering you to align your energy with your soul’s desires and expedites your manifestations! It contains spring water that has been charged with a sound bath, a proprietary blend of essential oils, and the following stones:

  • Rose quartz draws in love.
  • Blue kyanite is a great stone for anyone with a hectic lifestyle. It promotes inner balance and protects from negative influences.
  • Selenite provides light and purity, wards off toxic energies, and balances you in the present moment.

Spray over yourself from head to toe, especially over your crown chakra. Can also be used as a room spray or anytime you need to raise your vibration! (I also have a couple of customers who use it as their perfume, as well.)

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1 review for Vibrate Higher Mood Boosting Spray

  1. Monique

    “This is my favorite spray! I love the way it makes me feel. I’ve actually replaced my perfume with it. And another added positive effect is that my girlfriend cannot keep her hands off me when I wear it!” – Monique, Los Angeles, CA

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