My Throat Chakra’s Lit Spray



Your throat chakra is your communication center. It governs your mouth, tongue, and neck, and is associated with your thyroid, esophagus, shoulders, arms, hands, and hearing. It controls your ability to understand and speak your inner truth purely. It is also one of the portals through which you design your life, speak things into existence, and build relationships both with yourself and others. When out of balance, you’ll experience a tightness in your throat, you’ll have difficulty staying true to yourself, and expressing your needs, desires, opinions, emotions, and intentions.

Keep your throat chakra LIT with this spray! This spray contains spring water that has been charged with a sound bath and a proprietary blend of essential oils. It also contains the following stones:

  • Aquamarine is a stone of courage and helps with verbal expression. It enhances spiritual communication and clears communication blocks.
  • Lapis lazuli helps you speak your truth and gives you complete awareness. It activates and cleanses your Throat and Third Eye chakras, brings clarity, prosperity, peace, and boosts confidence.
  • Blue lace agate is a stone of articulation.
  • Blue kyanite is a high vibrational stone; it helps you to vibrate on the highest frequency.
  • Blue apatite makes you aware of your personal power.
  • Turquoise balances and aligns all your chakras, instills inner calm, promotes self-realization, and assists creative problem solving.
  • Sodalite is a harmonizing stone that unites logic with intuition (the driver for truth) and organizes the mind.
  • Chrysocolla Azurite discharges negative energies, brings patience, and unconditional love. It is a healing stone that helps during emotional duress and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. It emphasizes the power of your words and actions and strengthens your character.

Use daily to keep your throat chakra clear and balanced by spraying yourself from head to toe, especially your throat. If the throat chakra becomes blocked, close your eyes and spray in front of your face and throat and take three deep, cleansing breaths. Visualize bright white light bubbles scrubbing and dissolving darkness and blockages. Keep breathing until you feel the tightness in your throat begin to loosen, and you are feeling more relaxed.

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