Healed Heart Recovery Oil



The only tool you need to assist you during your healing journey. Whether it be a broken heart, recovery from a loss, or mending a disappointed inner child, this oil is like a warm, healing hug. It is charged with a sound bath and contains a proprietary blend of essential oils known to facilitate deep healing. It also contains the following stones:

  • Strawberry quartz - ushers in love from the Divine
  • Rose quartz - draws in love
  • Lapis lazuli - promotes peace, clarity, emotional healing, confidence, compassion, and uplifts thoughts
  • Rhyolite - enhances self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect, and deepens acceptance of your truest, highest self

Rub on your heart and sacral chakras and on your pulse points during your meditation, at bedtime, and/or after showering and heading out for the day. Can also be used in your diffuser or diluted in water and used as a spray.

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