Life Designer’s Mèlange Ceremonial Cacao Drink



Once I discovered the healing and transformational powers of ceremonial cacao, my life was never the same. I knew that I wanted to create a drink that would empower, heal, and assist life designers with their creativity, consciousness, and spirituality. Thus, the Life’ Designer’s Mèlange (pronounced may-lahnj) was born!

I’ve used Keith’s Cacao exclusively, ever since I started using ceremonial cacao, so it only made sense for it to be the base of this powerful drink I created. Cacao facilitates ease, enhances every experience, and brings forth your own personal brand of MAGIC! Making the life designer Mèlange Drink part of your self-care practices/rituals, enhances your life in ways you have yet to experience.

This is a superfood that offers a boost of energy (without the crash of energy drinks or coffee,) while simultaneously awakening the master life designer within you. It cuts through mental fog and clutter, enhances focus and concentration, and clears mental noise so that you can clearly hear your heart, your Higher Self, and your spirit guides/spirit team. The connectedness you will feel after indulging in this elixir will set you up for your greatest successes and help make your journey and process even more enjoyable. Keith describes it as a “gentle state of euphoria that makes everything seem brighter.”

This powerful plant medicine boasts many benefits and uses, some of these include:

  • Elevated consciousness and spiritual connection
  • Improved work and life productivity
  • Increased creativity and passion
  • Improved health and physical mobility
  • Clear mental focus

I initially began using it solely in my own personal practices, but then one day Spirit guided me to give it to my clients and attendees of my Paint, Sip, and Manifest event. IT WAS THE STAR OF THE SHOW! Everyone wanted to know where they could buy it! And that continued to be the story for every event I served it at. It did not take long for me to know it was a tool that must be made available for everyone.

The Life Designer’s Mèlange has a base of Keith’s Cacao 100% Ceremonial Grade cacao, and a proprietary blend of spices and herbs curated by me. You can use this elixir as part of your daily routine, for new/full moon practices, or on a bi-monthly/monthly, quarterly, or annual/bi-annual rituals that you may have set for yourself. It is also excellent to drink prior to creating your life designer board or treasure map, setting intentions, and doing anything creative. Once you experience my Life Designer’s Mélange, you will intrinsically know how to incorporate it into your life. And even better news? The ceremonial grade cacao I use is sourced in the long-revered mountain rainforests of Guatemala’s Central America (revered by the ancients because it produced the finest of ceremonial cacao.) And Kaqchikel Mayan women and 20+ local families earn independent income, while working at home at their own pace, preparing the cacao beans. Prolific things in, prolific things out!

This is pure medicine for your mind, body, and soul, and I am honored to serve it to you.

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