Fertility Affirmation Jar



About 15% of all couples here in the United States, and at least 180 million people worldwide are experiencing infertility on some level. We know that when we feed information to our brain, the neuropathways we create by repetition of the information send signals to our body that match the energy of what we mentally consume. One of the most effective ways to create those neuropathways is by using affirmations!

My Fertility Affirmation Jar is filled with ideas of abundant fertility, ease of getting pregnant, relaxation, aligning with wholeness, healing, your baby finding your womb with the greatest of ease, gratitude, happiness, and more. Each jar also has a little silver turtle charm, which can be put onto a necklace or charm bracelet after you conceive! The turtle is a symbol of good fortune, fertility, longevity, and great patience.

Your baby/babies are ready for you, it is time to affirm them into your physical reality!

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