Love Magnet Bath


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Manifest the deepest self-love, your soulmate, and all love that exists in the universe with this sensual and relaxing custom bath mix.

Set the scene for this luxurious bath! Light some candles, create a playlist of your favorite love songs, maybe even throw some crystals, or rose petals into the bathwater too.

Prepare your bath as you normally would, at whatever temperature feels best to you. Sprinkle some of your Love Magnet Bath into the water along with any extras you may want. Before you get into the water, hold your hands above the water, close your eyes, and imbue (saturate or impregnate) the water with the energy of the love you desire for yourself. You can even speak your intentions out loud. Once you are done, get into the bath water and luxuriate. Soak in all the vibrations of love, passion, sensuality, peace, whatever energy you imbued the water with in the beginning. The key is to really feel the energy/emotions in your body, as if you already have what you are asking the universe for. Enjoy your bath for at least 20 minutes.

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