Freedom Breaking Oil



When it is time for you to dissolve soul ties, cut cords, and remove unwanted energetic hooks, this is the only tool you will need. It is powerful and works very quickly! Freedom Breaking Oil is charged with a sound bath, and contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. It also contains the following:

  • Blue tansy is an exotic sapphire-colored oil known for promoting unconditional love, groundedness, and a positive mood. It helps you to speak your truth, calms anxiety, and nervous tension; it assists in unlocking emotional stagnation.
  • Rose quartz is the universal stone of love, it restores trust, harmony, and encourages unconditional love.
  • Black obsidian is an extremely powerful volcanic glass that can be too powerful but is the ideal stone for dissolving unwanted ties. It can bring your emotions down if you work with it too long, especially if you’re already feeling emotionally vulnerable.

This oil is NOT to be used on a daily basis! Use only when you need an infusion of powerful energy.

You can put a few drops of this oil in a bath, but make sure it’s a quick bath no longer than 5 minutes. Visualize the cords/hooks/ties being dissolved and set free. You can also diffuse the oil or heat it in an oil burner while doing your visualization. Finally, apply a small amount directly over your liver area (the organ for releasing anything energetically and emotionally) as well as on your 4th (heart) and 5th (throat) chakras.

Whichever way you choose to use this oil, make sure you repeat the affirmation: “I sever and dissolve all cords and attachments that do not serve my highest good.”

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1 review for Freedom Breaking Oil

  1. Amy G.

    VERY powerful oil/tool! I initially applied it to my Heart and Throat Chakras, and I repeated the mantra that came with it. The anger and sadness that it brought up? WHOA! I then began applying it to the area where my liver is, and the anxiety subsided into sadness. I did yoga and meditation and kept up with my self-care, and more cutting and dissolving happened, and I began to see the light. It was an exhausting process, but I came out so much stronger for it. I am free in more ways than one! I am so thankful to have found and used this product.

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