Divinity Mala


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Your custom mala is made with Amethyst, Prehnite, Aquamarine, and Sandalwood.

  • Amethyst - a powerful and protective stone - increases nobility, spiritual awareness, inner peace, healing, and positive transformation. It relieves stress, alleviates sadness and grief, and encourages spiritual wisdom.
  • Prehnite - a stone of unconditional love - heals the healer, enhances precognition and inner knowing, enables you to always be prepared, calms the environment, and brings peace and protection.
  • Aquamarine - a stone of courage - has calming energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people. It invokes tolerance of others, overcomes judgmentalism, and gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.
  • Sandalwood possesses extremely high spiritual vibrations. It protects and promotes spiritual awareness.

Wear your mala daily and be sure to set your intention by repeating the mantra, “I am Divine!”.

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