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We pick up so much junk just being in the world on a day-to-day basis and if we don't take care of ourselves, it can cause us to get stuck, depressed, or anxious. It can even prevent us from creating and Manifesting. Aura is the perfect tool to properly cleanse and boost your energy and it smells divine! This bath has been given a sound bath and is made up of a proprietary blend of essential oils, Epsom salt (helps remove toxins from your body to improve your physical and mental health, relives stress, and relaxes muscles,) pink Himalayan sea salt (reduces fatigue, stress, and pain, cleanses your aura and energy field, and increases feelings of contentment and emotional health, generates negative ions in the air, creating the same calming effect you would experience on a saltwater beach,) Blue Lotus flowers (reduces anxiety, aids in sleep,) and it's charged with Reiki, Smokey quartz (improves emotional wellbeing, lifts the veil of depression. helps you to release, purify, and shed negative energies, brings emotional calm to your Spirit and Soul) and Mystic quartz (encourages trust, appreciation, and healing, boosts energy, and like clear quartz, it removes all blockages from the body.)

Set the mood for yourself! Create an intentional experience by lighting some candles, hit play on your favorite playlist, and then sprinkle some of your Aura bath salts into a tub of warm water. While you let it settle for a few minutes, place your hands over the water and imbue the bath with your Intentions, you can even say some positive affirmations. When you're ready, slide into your bath and allow it to work its magic! Aura can also be used as a body scrub during your shower!

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